The Clergy

Some pin-ups with the main characters from my Graphic Novel series The Clergy.

DC Comics

I love DC but I haven´t made many drawings with their characters recently. Click here to see Wonder Woman decapitating Hitler and some other stuff.

Other Stuff

Concept characters, rock and roll and whatever does not fit in the other pages!

Red Sonja

I bought a Red Sonja Phicen! I always buy action figures lying to myself that I´ll use them as models for drawing, but this is the first time I actually did it. I placed the inspirational pictures and the whole process here. #RedSonja #Phicen

Marvel Comics

I love Marvel. Yeah, they are not really deserving that much love recently in the comics, but you know. Remember when Spider Woman had the coolest costume in comics?

YaYa Han

Yaya is one of my favorite cosplayers, a legitimate pin-up model and a super nice person. She also makes some original creations and I did a pin-up based on those.


Helboy, Darkness, Call of Cthulhu and some other characters! I´ll post here my homages.

Here be Dragons

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