DC Comics

I love DC but I haven´t made many drawings with their characters recently. Rebirth recently revitalized the boring New 52 and I´ll probably be doing a few more soon.

Vintage Parody

Wonder Woman

A whole generation will believe that Wonder Woman fought in the First World War now, since her movie was so amazing. Here I did a homage to Jack Kirby and Joe Sinnot first issue of Captain America. Diana, however, is a little more fierce than Cap.


I did this one for the San Diego Comic-Con Souvenir Book 2017. These are all the Batgirls and Batwomen that I can remember. I probably missed a few.



I was in art school when Neil Gaiman´s Sandman was released. In her first appearance Delirium looked like a grown up and I used her for a project of having the same subject in different techniques. Here are crosshatch pencils, Nankin pointilism, watercolor and colored pencils.