I´m a Brazilian Writer, penciller, inker, colorist, letterer and Graphic designer with experience in advertising and illustrations for books and manuals.

I´m currently finishing the 5 issues mini series Jack The Hunted with Dylan Davison & Jasper Korneitchouk for Insane Comics and just started publishing the series of 4 Graphic Novels The Clergy through ComiXology.

I also published as penciller - inker - letterer 3 graphic novels in the USA for the independent publisher Pickle Press written by Nik Havert: Big Breasted Vampire Death volumes 1 and 2 and Dare.

Current Projcts

I´m always working on different ideas. Here are some of my projects for 2018 (more details at the Projects and Concepts tab).

Blood Soldier Memories

Text and Colors by Renatus; Pencils and Inks by Giovani Peçanha

There is no price the veteran wouldn't pay to save his daughter. And now his oldest enemy will put this conviction to the test.

Evil Love

Pencils and Watercolor by Renatus

Is love magic or chemistry? A couple of teenagers meet the ghost of the most beautiful witch that ever lived. Is this love or evil? Is there a difference?

Slashers: Sunshine Killer

Text by Dylan Davison; Art by Renatus

Detective Natalie Ortiz-Davis is just about to find out what killed Karen Gilmore...

Here be Dragons

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