Writer - Nik Havert
Artist - Renatus

Released Apr. 09, 2007.  Adults only espionage.  80 black and white pages, color cover.  $7.95 Sylvia Dare officially works for the Department of Weights and Measures.  She unofficially is one of the U.S.' greatest secret agents who happens to be a sex addict.

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"For people that love porn and violent action intermixed with some good story telling...this is for you." - Small Press Newsroom

"If you can laugh along with some of the sillier scenes, there’s plenty to like here, and yes, I do mean more than a lot of naked people. Some of the fight scenes are done really well, and I thought her origin story was handled nicely. If you must take everything here seriously though, you’ll probably have a hard time with it. Unless, of course, all you’re looking for is some serious nakedness, in which case you’ll probably come away happy." - Optical Sloth.com

Adults only.